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Got Credit? Staley Credit Union offers a VISA Credit Card designed to fit your lifestyle, whatever it may be. Our in-house VISA Department means your cards are managed locally!

To select or change a PIN on a Staley Credit or Debit Card call 1-800-992-3808.

SCU VISA Platinum Card with "Extra Awards"

The Platinum VISA allows you the ability to earn Extra Awards just for using your SCU Card!


SCU VISA Gold Card

VISA Classic

SCU VISA Classic Card

VISA Disclosure documents:

If you would like information about credit counseling services, call 1-877-316-6322 or visit for more information.

Share Secured accounts available to establish credit.

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To report a Lost/Stolen VISA Credit Card or Debit Card, call 800-472-3272.
Use Card Valet to turn off your card and prevent further fraud.

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Equal Houising Lender

ASI-ESI Insured

Equal Houising Lender