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To report a Lost/Stolen VISA Credit Card or Staley Check Card call 800-472-3272

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the questions we get most often. If you do not find the answer to your question here please do not hesitate to contact Staley CU Member Services directly.


Who may join Staley Credit Union?

Is there a fee to join?

What identification is required to join?

What do I do if my Staley VISA or Staley Check Card is lost or stolen?

What are the holiday hours at the Staley CU Branches?

How do I sign the back of my checks when using mobile deposit?


Is the Gift Card a credit card?

What are the amounts that you can purchase?

Is there a fee for the Gift Card?

Where can the Gift Card be used?

How do you check the balance of a Gift Card?

Can the Gift Card be reloaded?

What happens if a Gift Card is lost or stolen?

Should you select debit or credit at the point of sale?

Can I get cash back from a merchant?

What if the purchase is denied?

How are merchandise returns handled?

Does the gift Card have an expiration date?

What fees are associated with gift cards?

What happens if I make a purchase with my Gift Card and then decide to return the merchandise?